To show our gratitude and report the results to the leaders of The Buddhist Sangha, the near and far monks, and nuns, Buddhists, benefactors, on behalf of the Foundation for Vietnam - Hungary relations, we respectfully invite the loyal Buddhists to attend the Grand Opening Ceremony of Dai Bi Temple.


Dear Buddhists and all people,

Thanks to the blessing of the Triple Gems and the main funding of the Foundation for Hungarian - Vietnamese Relations, after a period of construction, Dai Bi Pagoda was completed in Simontornya, Hungary. The inauguration ceremony of Dai Bi Pagoda will be held on Wednesday, 19/09/2018 (on 10th August in the lunar year).

Dai Bi Pagoda is the first Vietnamese one officially licensed to be built and operate. The pagoda was built on the hill. The back and front of the pagoda are bordered by the mountain and the river. With the concept "Where there are Vietnamese people, there are pagodas", Dai Bi Pagoda is not big but has purely Vietnamese style with double curved roof and dragon on the roof. In front of the pagoda, there are statues of civil mandarin and military mandarin. In addition, the bell of the pagoda is from Hue, where is considered the cradle of Buddhism in Vietnam. The courtyard is surrounded by granite columns, above which there are lotus-shaped lamps. Any Vietnamese pagodas should have a fruit orchard, contributing to the more pure and quiet environment in the Buddha land. All objects in the main hall, as well as Triple Gems, are from Vietnam. The statue of Amitabha Buddha is made of distinctive red copper, while the statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara and the Bodhisattva Mahayana are made of luxurious green stone. The door of the pagoda was made in the Vietnamese style, made of wood and carved with Four Holy Beasts (Dragon, Qilin, Turtle, Phoenix) and Four Noble Trees (Cedrus, Chrysanthemum, Bamboo, Ochna).

The inauguration ceremony of Dai Bi Pagoda will be held in honor of the presence of eight monks from the Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam led by Venerable Thich Thien My, deputy head of the Overseas Buddhist Committee of the Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam. The ceremony also sincerely welcomes Mr. Hau A Lenh, member of the Party Central Committee, vice chairman and secretary general of the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Fatherland Front, besides welcomes the guests and all people from Hungary and the faithful Buddhists from all over the place to Dai Bi Pagoda on this great day.

The construction of Dai Bi Pagoda is funded by the Vietnam-Hungary Foundation and belongs to the whole Hungarian society and all Buddhists all over the world. The door of the pagoda is always open to welcome everyone. Dai Bi Pagoda will become a place of practice, the pilgrimage for all the people.

The presence of the Buddhists in the inauguration ceremony is a great spiritual encouragement for great success. The organizers are looking forward to welcoming and honoring!